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Other European Artists » Ingfried Henze (Known as Morro)

Born in Leipzig in 1925, he studied at the Fine Arts Academy. At the end of World War II, he went on to study at the Fine Arts Academy in Munich.Liking warm weather, he lived in Tangier for a while before going on to Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna, Philadelphia, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Havana, Montreal, Stockholm and London where he held exhibitions to establish a large reputation across the Northern Hemisphere. Such was his reputation, that his biography was printed in a hard cover book (No longer available). For the latter part of his life, he has lived near one of the Italian Lakes. He is the father of Christian Henze who has established a similar reputation for artistic brilliance.

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A Floral Profusion

Oil on canvas 80x70cm, signed and framed.A super interpretation of a difficult subject which can be boringly done.On the back there is a label with the original price of 1950-our price is a lot less!

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