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English Artists » David A. James

Born in London in 1944,he was eductade at Hampton School where he showed a considerable talent for art, winning both school and national prizes for his young works. He went on to study at the Twickenham Collage of Art from 1962 - 1966. His first exhibition was at an open air event, and he found immediate success there. His work was put into print in 1969, thus expanding the public's knowledge of his work. He now lives on the coast in Sussex where he gains much of his inspiration. He has exhibited at the Royal Academy, The Paris Salon and Many leading provincial Galleries. He also exhibited at the Highly successful Octet Exhibition at Hyde Park Galleries in 1994.

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A Quiet little Harbour

Oil on canvas 72x82cm, signed, framed and dated (19)75. An interesting departure from his landscapes.

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