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Other European Artists » Rene Biegler

Born in Lower Austria in 1925, his apprenticeship years were spent in Switzerland, France and Austria. Most important in his artistic development were the years he spent at the Academy in Vienna under Professor Hoffman, and several semesters at the Art Academy of Paris.

Study trips to many countries in Europe led to a short but intensive confrontation with modernistic currents and trends after which he found his own style of Romantic Landscapes and floral studies.

His range of work is wide, but almost all show the idyllic life of ages past. His style tends towards impressionism. He sometimes simply signed his works “Rene”, and one of his landscape styles, showing all 4 seasons in one landscape painting he signed as “Althoff” or “Eberhard Althoff”. He also used the name Eder for his coastal scenes.

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A Cottage in a Landscape

Oil on canvas 61x91cm, signed and framed. Perhaps the nicest painting by this artist that I have ever seen.

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