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English Artists » Tony Sheath

Tony Sheath (1946-…..)

Tony was born in London. At the age of 10, he won an “All London art competition for Schools” thus showing how early talent cannot be suppressed later in life. After school, he went to work in the city with an Investment Trust. In spite of the pressures of this job, he also painted and even to manage to exhibit his works.

In 1976, he became a full time professional artist and very quickly was signed up by one of the Country’s leading Fine Art publishers and thus his work became widely known. For several years his work was included in the “Top Ten Awards” by the Fine Art Trade Guild.

Being a self taught artist, his work and ideas are his alone and different to anyone before him (though others have now followed his style). Being so original has made him perhaps the leading Artists painting English Landscapes and Genre subjects. He now lives in Herefordshire where he gets much of his inspiration.

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Waiting in the Wings

Oil on canvas 60cm x 50cm, signed and superbly framed. All in Good Order

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