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English Artists » Terence Evans

erry was born in Essex in 1943.

At School, he always excelled in Art in all its forms. Upon leaving school, he went on to study at the well known Hornsey Art Centre, whilst working in the engineering world to pay his way. However, he became with the rigidity of the teaching at the College and left prematurely (circa 1967) and started to earn a living from Painting Commissions of Portraits, Animals etc, etc.

As time went on, he learnt more about other Artists work and grew to love the work of Famous Victorian Artists such as Sidney Richard Percy and Benjamin Leader, and he felt compelled to follow their subject matter, particularly in North Wales and the Lake District.

Terry was by now exhibiting in several Galleries and Art Groups more and more successfully. A real turning point came when he met Charles Lefar, An artist who used a palette knife (some say trowel because the paint was so thick) only to create his paintings, and who achieved considerable success in the 70s and 80s. Whilst the roots of Terry’s current work can be seen in the style of Lefar's work, he has taken on the basic idea to a skilful sand highly finished product, creating striking masterpieces of English woodland scenes.

He has had numerous one-man exhibitions, and for a while had a Gallery in Rye. His most notable exhibitions have included: -

The Rubens Gallery, Miami Langness Gallery, New York
The Gallery, Betws-y-Coed, North Wales Artique Gallery, Leicester
Hornchurch Fine Art, Essex Pompadour Gallery, England
Gun Street Gallery, Reading Gallery 79, Beaconsfield.

Around 2003, he sold his Gallery and “retired” to an untouched part of Sussex where he now lives, and thankfully still paints.

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River Landscape with bankside wild flowe

Oil on canvas 60x50cm, signed and framed. A good example of Terence's work where he seemingly 'throws' the paint on and achieves the image of movement. Rest assured, our price is a lot less than other Galleries!