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English Artists » Deborah Jones

(1922 - 2012 )Early in her career, Deborah could be found in the V & A Museum studying fashions of a bygone age in the morning, and displaying her paintings on the Railings in the Bayswater Road in the afternoon. Like many other of her contemporaries, she became very successful and now she is internationally known. She has travelled widely and exhibited in Italy, New York, Chicago, and even today her works are shown in many major British Galleries.

This Remarkable Artist has done many things in her life. If you ask her what her hobbies are, she would answer “probably painting and drawing, but in different places”. Different places have taken her to Positano in Italy, construction sites in the middle of London, and to New York’s Greenwich Village where she showed her paintings in 1952.

After a short spell at the lathe during World War II (her father was an engineer and inventor who imparted a natural curiosity in the structure of things) she moved to London and lived with several members of the International Ballet Company. At this time, she took herself very seriously as a painter doing portraits of her friends in the Ballet World, but when they left to go on tour she barely managed to make a living, and without even enough money to buy paint, she did a lot of sketching and drawing people in Pubs! This was a very trying period until she became totally immersed in Theatre, designing and painting sets, props and costumes for the Royal Opera House. She also spent some time working as an assistant to Oliver Messel. She also worked at Lime Grove, Glyndebourne, The Edinburgh Festival, and Stratford, and also in Film and Television. This part of her life culminated with working with Bernard Miles at the Mermaid Theatre.

She has always been a “driven Artist” and she now lives amongst a vast array of books, teddy bears dolls and cats (who have to tread carefully picking their way around the house).
Her subjects are not just Teddy bears, but also old back street antique shops, Trompe l’oeil and Collectors Dolls. Her work has been in print too for some years which has helped to bring her name to the attention of the general public.

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Memories of a Happy Marriage

Oil on canvas 60cm x 45cm, signed and framed and titled on a label on the back. In good order. Provenance with the Alexander Gallery in Bristol.

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Tromp L'oeil

Oil on canvas 76x51cm, signed, framed and dated in Roman Numerals 1980.
In good order - from a private collection.

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